Here are some internet resources you might find interesting, helpful, or both!

Slavery Resources:

Ohio History Central

Africans in America

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

National Geographic Underground Railroad

National Park Service Underground Railroad

Diigo Class Bookmarks:

Our DreamExtreme Diigo Bookmarks have many resources that will help you with your social studies projects.

Map and Exploration Links:

Google Maps

Microsoft LiveSearch Maps

Microsoft PhotoSynth

United States History and Government Links:

Ben’s Guide To U.S. Government For Kids!

America’s Story, From The Library of Congress

Oregon Research:

CyberSleuth Oregon History Site – The official website for the state of Oregon.

Oregon Bluebook – The official state directory and fact resource.

Oregon Bluebook Counties website – Jump to information about the individual counties from this page.

Oregon Association of Counties website – The official website for the OAC. Dig around this site for some good information on county history and government. –  An “unofficial” website with lots of different kinds of information about the state. Thanks to Jake K. for locating it!

Wikipedia Oregon page – This is a good place to find basic information about Oregon.

Wikipedia Oregon counties page – This is a list of all 36 counties in Oregon. Click on any county’s name to go to the page with more information.

The Oregon Trail:

The Oregon Trail – This is an excellent collection of information, primary source materials, audio and video clips, and activities.

Oregon Trail on ThinkQuest

History Globe Oregon Trail website

Research and Search Links:World Book Online

Ask – For Kids


Brain Pop!



World Digital Library

News and More Links:

Time Magazine For Kids

Scholastic News For Kids

Activities and Games Links:

Sheppard Software – A wide range of learning games. Check out the geography activities! (Thanks, Jon, for the suggestion!)

Arcademic Skill Builders

Education Place For Kids

Wacky WebTales – It’s kind of like MadLibs! – A very fun visual way to show what’s most important.

CoolMath Games – Some and challenging games that take strategy.

Crayola Digi-Color – A very cool virtual art environment.

Reading and Writing Links:Scholastic Poetry Site


Scholastic Stacks

Math Links:

Virtual Manipulatives

Kids Numbers


Useful Resources for Project Work:

Kids’ Vid – excellent information about making your video production the best it can be.

Duke University Digital Archive – An amazing collection of images from America’s history.

Library of Congress Image Archive – Another excellent collection of images with national significance.

Election Project Research Links:Campaign 2008 FactMonster Resources

Election Information from FactMonster

Electing A President Resource Page

Meet the Candidates

Election 2008: Get To Know the Candidates

PBS: The Democracy Project – Get inside the voting booth, see what being president demands, and find out how government effects you

PBS: Presidents, The SECRET History – Get some background information that might surprise you

PBS: News Kids Flash 5 – Get updates on the election

On The Issues – Here is a great collection of actual voting records and statements by the candidates