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Reading today’s article about our Election Project field trip has sent me on some highs and lows emotionally. It is so exciting to see our students’ hard work and curiosity celebrated and in the spotlight. I appreciate that Mr. Mann took the time to visit with students and get a sense of their concerns and opinions. I was impressed with his desire to be accurate in his reporting, and I was very pleased by the positive comments he gave me about how mature and focused our students were.

On the other hand, reading through the comments from readers of the Mail Tribune has been very frustrating. My initial reaction to some of the angry, belittling and critical comments is to be angry and want to post a defensive and reactive comment of my own. We spend a lot of time in class, however, talking about how vital it is to be respectful and responsible. It would not be a good example to the students I daily interact with if I struck back in anger. So, I am trying to remind myself that people often see a small snapshot of something, color it with their own experience and perception, and react out of emotion instead of careful consideration.

At the end of the day, I am so proud to know this group of young people who work hard and do their best and daily show compassion for one another. Our big themes of Collaboration, Communication, Innovation, and Integration have been brilliantly displayed in this Election Project in general and our field trip in particular. Even if the entire readership of our local paper were to speak critically of what we’re doing (and, blessedly, they’re not!) it would not diminish the remarkable things that 25 boys and girls are doing every day in Room 10 of Kennedy Elementary.