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Okay, the heat is on! We have just one more day to complete our Election Project research essays so that we can update our class wiki and upload to the project wiki. That means a lot of last minute scrambling to make sure that research teams have the data they need and are presenting their information clearly and effectively.

We have a very cool online collaboration session coming up Monday at 10:30 Pacific when we meet with students from Eugene, Oregon, Long Island, New York, and Spring City and Chester Springs, Pennsylvania. What an amazing opportunity to work with other students from around the country! It has been a wonderful experience meeting online with the other teachers, and I’m excited to get the students in on the connection.

In related news, we held our online mock class election today using the Youth Leadership Initiative website. Eventually, we’ll be able to compare our class results with other schools in our region, state, and nation along with, of course, the actual election results. I was so impressed by the seriousness and maturity with which the students approached voting. I really believe this project will help to shape confident and intelligent voters in the future.

In other news, I finally dropped a photo from THIS year’s class on our home page. Not that the crew from last year was anything to sneeze at (we still have about half of them still with us!) but it’s nice to show off the current bunch.

In still other news, we are in need of several paper grocery bags and lots of clean containers (boxes, bottles, cans, etc.) into which we can pour sand or rice. We are wrapping up our study of volume by comparing three dimensional objects we have around us everyday.

Finally, our class Autumn Party will be next Friday, October 31. With the brave and faithful guidance of Mrs. Mendenhall, we’ll be decorating cookies, enjoying some juice, and mummifying some poor, unsuspecting student with toilet paper. Don’t tell me school can’t be fun! A list of needed items will go home with students tomorrow.