As we finish the first quarter of this school year, I have asked the students to write a short reflective essay which considers what they have done and learned as part of our Election Project.

I was pleased and impressed by the overall quality of the essays and the thoughtfulness they displayed. Below are excerpts from two of the students’ work. I believe they give an accurate snapshot of the consideration and hard work these 5th graders have daily shown this year.

From Matthew:

I actually got a lot out of this! I learned more about how this wonderful country works and more about the candidates and how they will run the country in their perspective. And I got to feel what it means to actually be a voter for whatever candidate you’re voting for, and someday that will influence me to be a [better] voter. When I’m 18, I won’t feel depressed when I vote because I already had the experience I’ve had in the past few weeks.

From Haley:

I learned that while you look for information, there can be lies lurking around. You have to be careful. I also learned that you can’t just vote for somebody because of the color of their skin or how old they are. You should be voting for that person because of the plan they have to make the USA a better place.

The student research group reports are available on the class wiki. We also recorded audio versions of the wiki report to be included in a new episode of the DreamExtreme podcast which should be finished later this week.

Our whole class will be looking at Tuesday’s election with much greater insight and interest as a result of this project. We hope you will be too.