The past week and a half have been filled with some wonderful student work. We’ve been doing a project-based learning unit on persuasive communication which calls for students working together to create new products and then plan to market them to the public. We had a special guest presenter today from our local cable company to tell us how she helps businesses identify and target their audience.

Last week, we also began a collaborative poetry unit with a 5th grade class in Long Island, New York. Both classes are reading and discussing the book Love That Dog by Sharon Creech. We’re examining, thinking about, and responding to the poems the book references and then posting some of our work on the project wiki: Poetry Collaboration Wiki

This Friday, we will have our first Skype conference call with the South Paris Collaborative group from Long Island. Students from both classes will share some of the poetry we’ve been writing.

We’re also wrapping up our geometry unit by looking at patterns that develop when we proportionately increase the dimensions of polygons. Below are some photos I took in class today showing some really impressive student polygon constructions. Notice how the larger figure is an accurate¬†scale model of the smaller. Can you figure out what happens to the AREA of a polygon when you double the length of each side?