Friday, we had the wonderful opportunity to work online with the South Paris Collaborative class in Long Island, New York. Both classes have been reading the book Love That Dog by Sharon Creech and reflecting on and responding to much of the poetry alluded to in the story. We came together via a Skype session to share several original poems from each classroom. During the video conference, students from both classes were contributing to a Cover It Live blog, commenting on what was happening. It was our first attempt at using Cover It Live, so it was very helpful to be able to learn from the South Paris Collaborative students.

Visit this Poetry Collaboration wiki page to read some of the student-created poems, along with the Cover It Live blog from the video conference session.

I look forward to continue working across the country and the world with other classes using tools such as Skype. The conversation we had in class following the session confirmed to me how rich such opportunities can be. Having other students in other locations respond to what we are doing in our class raises the level of effort and focus.