Today, we celebrated Read Across America Day with a special assembly and a guest reader. During the assembly, our principal – Mrs. Shade – read the picture book How Old Is Old? to the entire school body. I spent a chunk of time last week scanning in all of the illustrations from the book so that we could project them while Mrs. Shade read. Technology – lovely, fickle rascal that it is – was stubborn and got in the way of our plan. We had to go old school, but it turned out fine.

Also at the assembly, teachers and staff presented the Dr. Seuss story Sneetchesas a readers theater. I was the narrator and soundtrack producer. I used tracks from Randy Newman’s music for A Bugs’ Life and they worked very well. Sadly, technology reared its defiant head and kept my Flip camera from recording the whole show. I was sad to not be able to share it online.

Finally, we were honored to have Mrs. Donnelly – a former school librarian and now ice cream purveyor – read aloud to our class. She shared Yertle the Turtle with the students.