One of the most enjoyable parts of being a teacher is that I get to steal…legally! Okay, let me explain.

As I collaborate with other educators or peek in on their class blogs or podcasts, I get to absorb some of their great ideas and projects and practices. I get to “steal” some of what they are doing and import new possibilities into my own class. We talk in school about being learners and catching on to the stories all around us. I think these are all related.

One of the things I have stolen recently is the classroom meeting model that Lisa Parisi and her South Paris Collaborative use. It is a wonderful way to give students practice in speaking, listening, responding, and questioning. We will start our own version of classroom meetings next week. I have included an embedded calendar in this post to help students know when they are scheduled to present.

Here is the basic model for the DreamExtreme TEAM Meetings: Each student who is assigned to present on a given day will prepare a 2-minute presentation which they will share with the class. The presentation can be about nearly anything, but the student should consciously practice and demonstrate high quality speaking skills.

The class will be expected to listen carefully to the presentation and then respond with purposeful, well-thought-out questions. Mrs. Parisi calls these “Dollar Questions” instead of “Penny Questions”.

Over the course of about a month and a half, with TEAM Meetings each Monday and Wednesday, all students will have the opportunity to present and will be expected to respond to a presenter at least once.

We will begin this new “stolen” adventure on Monday!