Friday featured the latest installment in on-going poetry collaboration with the South Paris Collaborative class in Long Island, New York. We have been using the Sharon Creech book Love That Dog as a springboard into looking at, responding to, creating, and performing poetry. Our most recent project was to use Arnold Adoff’s sound poem Street Music as inspiration for creating some place-based sound poems of our own.

Students from both classes wrote original poems and six from each site were chosen to post on the Poetry Collaboration wiki. Student groups from South Paris then selected a poem from a DreamExtreme student to interpret, create a soundtrack and, finally, perform during our Skypecast. Student groups from DreamExtreme did the same for the South Paris poems.

As a teacher, it was so exciting to hear my students work presented by students on the other side of the continent. I know that it was an amazing experience for the student poets as well.

We have posted both the text of the poems and audio recordings of all student performances on the poetry collaboration wiki.

As an added bonus, South Paris Collaborative teachers Lisa Parisi and Christine Southard recorded both sides of the Skype conversation and have posted the video on the wiki. I have, for your viewing pleasure, embedded the videos here.

This project has been an outstanding journey for our whole class, myself included. I so appreciate the adventurous and innovative styles of Mrs. Parisi and Ms. Southard. Being able to work with such outstanding and accomplished teachers is certainly impacting what I do as an educator. I look forward to what the future holds!