Today was an exciting day in Room 10.

Students have been working for the past few classes on inquiry-based math projects. As part of our study of statistics and probability, students worked in teams to create a question, hypothesis, procedure for experimenting, and a method of recording and reporting data. It has been very busy, but lots of fun watching them wrestle with questions that aren’t as testible as they thought they’d be and the frustration of needing to revise experiment plans that turned out to be far too complicated.

It’s been wet, too, since several groups have been making and comparing the payload capacity of clay or paper boats. Lots of water found its way onto the counters and tables and desk and floor…

Most students groups are done with their experiments and data collection and are now moving on to organizing the information and creating presentations. We’ll have presentations and q&a sessions on Wednesday. I can’t wait to see the final versions of what the students have produced.