We continued, today, working on the inquiry-based math projects. It was very exciting to step back and look at a classroom of students who were nearly all engaged in completely different activities and phases of their projects. Hands and brains and paper and computers all mixed up in a wonderful combination of learning and creativity.

Nearly all the students are in the final steps of completing their projects. We’ll have the formal presentation tomorrow.

On a side note, take a look at the photo above of the Powerpoint slide. I completely love how Christina and Adreal embedded an appropriately-sized number into the bars of their bar graph. Brilliant idea! I think that Garr Reynolds would approve.

Finally, we are continuing in our collaborative adventure of using Skype videoconferencing to connect with students around the country. On Thursday, we will meet with a group of students at Mitchell Elementary in Gadsden, Alabama. It will be especially cool since Christina moved to Oregon from Alabama last year!

Here is a link to our Oregon State Facts page on the project wiki that Ms. Goodwin at Mitchell Elementary created. Our DreamExtreme students have been collecting facts about Oregon, our region and our class for the past several days. This afternoon, I compiled them into a master list of information that is now posted on the wiki.

When we meet on Thursday, our class will share about our region while we learn about Alabama from the students at Mitchell Elementary. I sure wish I had been able to do stuff like this when I was in elementary school! At least I get to do it now. 🙂