This is a repost of a blog entry by educator Clif Mims:

Your Class Can Interact with Astronauts
May 8th, 2009
NASA astronaut Mark Polansky, who will be commanding the next mission to the International Space Station, has just posted a video to NASA’s official YouTube channel inviting YouTubers and Twitter fans to take part in his next mission, submitting video questions via YouTube and following mission updates over Twitter.

To ask a question, Polansky says to create a video of around thirty seconds and post it to YouTube, then send it to his Twitter account using an @reply. He’ll respond to the questions on NASA TV, which is broadcast nation-wide. (Source)

Questions from Cosand:
What would you ask Mr. Polansky?
What should we, as a class, say in a video message that we might create?
Is it a good thing that astronauts such as Mr. Polansky and Michael Massimino make themselves available to the public via social networking tools such as YouTube and Twitter?
Does it make space seem closer?