As we close up this school year, I am looking back at many of the amazing things this group of students has accomplished. I’m also looking forward to where they might go next. A powerful way to gain inspiration and direction is to look at and consider the example of others. That’s part of a collaborative, integrated life.

As a teacher, I’m constantly watching for innovative and successful things other educators are doing with with their classes. There are so many rich possibilities in our contemporary world and the classroom should reflect them. One of my deepest desires is to equip my students with the skills and understanding necessary to thrive in life. Technology is ingrained in nearly everything we do as 21st century people. Our time in the classroom should shape and prepare these individuals to navigate culture with intelligence and success.

I found this video this afternoon, and it presents an exciting story of one young man whose education is ingrained with the powerful and purposeful use of technology tools. I look forward to a time when my students will have even great access to technology so that they can demonstrate their talent and creativity in the same manner as the student in the video.