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We’re on a class journey to travel across the United States. Now, we’re not actually physically traveling across the country, but we’re definitely moving.

Each school day, our class spends some time walking or running on the school track. Each lap on the track is a quarter of a mile. At the end of our track time, we count up how many total laps the students did, divide that number by 4, and that tells us how many miles we covered as a whole class.
Next, we use a Google map to keep track of our progress.
Our first goal is to reach Oregon’s border with Idaho. It’s nearly 300 miles from our school to Idaho! We made predictions in class today about how long it will take us to meet our first goal, and the answers ranged from one week to a month and a half.
We’ll find out the actual answer as soon as we get there!
If you’d like to track our progress from your computer, just click on this link to the DreamExtreme Cross-Country Travel map at Google Maps.

You can also view the map right here in this post!