I had a bit of wonderful news today. As I mentioned in an earlier post>, a classroom subscription for VoiceThread was being given away by the company itself and Lee Kolbert of the GeekyMomma Blog.

In a Twitter update and blog post today, Ms. Kolbert announced that the DreamExtreme class had been selected to win the subscription! Now, the work we’ve been planning on doing this year using VoiceThread will be even more developed and far-reaching.

An added element of this story is that – when I discovered the news – I had just finished posting our first class VoiceThread project on the historymysteries wiki we are developing with a class from Long Island, New York.

As I’m writing this blog post, the students have not yet begun their work on the unit and have not yet posted. Here, however, is the VoiceThread:

Another step toward our class use of VoiceThread was the creation of a self-portrait by each student. It’s an idea I’m borrowing from Lisa Parisi in the South Paris Collaborative: use a drawing of the student instead of an actual photo, along with a generic pseudonym such as DreamExtreme Student 1. It helps the students maintain a higher level of anonymity and safety while still being able to publish work online. 2 Student-Portrait-150x150Each student has his or her own unique, self-created portrait that I have now loaded into VoiceThread. Now, when students make comments or post work, they will be able to use their new VT profile.

Also, be sure to check out our first class contribution to a VoiceThread project, part of our collaboration with South Paris Collaborative using the book Sign of the Beaver.