1 XtraNormal-399x305

Students in the DreamExtreme classroom have been exploring a web-based tool called Xtranormal.com. Xtranormal allows a person to use text to create an animation sequence. The user is able to select a character, background, voice, and other video and audio elements. It also allows you to add actions, camera angles and other semi-cinematic elements.

Above, I’ve embedded an Xtranormal tutorial video created by Solly in our class. He wanted to teach other students the basic steps for creating an animation sequence.

The second clip is a promotional animation that Taylor D. from our class created. I can’t say enough how thrilled I am when the students take a tool and run with it, finding relevant ways to use it. Solly used Xtranormal.com to teach others how to create animations of their own, and Taylor used it to get people excited about what we’re doing in class. Two different but very exciting examples of students taking the reigns on their learning instead of having to be told to do an assignment.

We have a few groups who are currently using Xtranormal to create projects for our Sign of the Beaver collaboration. I’m excited to see how they will adapt the tool to the specific requirements of the project. We’ll post the results here on the class blog.