Lately, the DreamExtreme class has come across some very fun and interesting technology tools that could lend themselves to learning projects. Students have already used some in class work, and have only just begun to explore others. I’m including links and screenshots in this post to give you a launch pad to do some exploration of your own.

1 Picture-4-400x201

iNudge is an interesting tool for creating music loops using 8 different virtual instruments. It is visually interesting and a little addictive. Just by clicking on different squares, the user can shape and reshape sound sequences which have a delightfully Owl City-like quality.

Here is an iNudgeloop sequence I created in a very short time.

My only complaint is that there doesn’t appear to be built-in a way to save each loop as a different element that can then be placed in the context of a larger song.

2 Picture-5-400x171

Toondoo is a very cool way to create your own cartoon characters and comic strips. You could piece them together to create a graphic novel, or simply make individual strips. Although our students haven’t yet created any Toondoos for a project, they’ve had fun experimenting with it. The Project by dreamextreme

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

GoAnimate is an interesting way to add motion and sound to the toon creation process. The narrative is word-based and visual only, so you can’t hear the dialogue. Still, it gives a very fun element of flexibility for your storytelling.