While poking around on the interwebs this evening I stumbled across a very fun interactive music composition tool. Incredibox is a loop creation tool that provides you with a sweet collection of individual components you can mix, match, cycle and recycle as you build a musical passage that grabs your happiness. The sounds are divided into categories like Instruments, Percussion, and Voices. There are at least two variations of each sound group.

The fun part of the interface is that you build the loops by dragging the sound element onto the chest of a little animated cartoon guy. He looks randomly bored until you drop a sound onto him and then – POW! – he springs to life and starts making music with you. You can build layer upon layer, adding new cartoon guys each time. You can also turn off the sound element simply by clicking on the dude you want to silence. There is even a shuffle mode if you’d like to just hear some tunes instead of making them yourself.

It would be nice if there was more flexibility and the option of creating your own sounds. As it is, each composition will tend to sound quite similar. Still, it’s completely fun and a nice way to play with sound and music creation.