I had a couple of requests from students today to post Isaac’s video about the book Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. I’m really glad that so many of you enjoyed the video. It was a lot of work, but Isaac did a great job and I’m really happy with how the project turned out.


Here, also, is a link to Ms. Anderson’s personal blog: Mad Woman in the Forest

It is exciting to be able to connect with talented and creative people such as Laurie Halse Anderson. When we are moved, inspired, or otherwise captivated by someone’s work, it is nice to be able to express our feelings and give positive feedback. I mentioned in class today how technology has made actually contacting and corresponding with people such as Diego Stocco and Ms. Anderson possible and more common. I am thrilled that this is the case.

If you like Laurie Halse Anderson’s writing, you may also want to check out her official website: WriterLady.com