I love project-based learning. Both as a student and as a teacher, I think it is possible to learn so much when you are trying to solve problems and explore collaboratively. When we return from winter break, the DreamExtreme students will be embarking on their next learning project, an exploration of the 13 original colonies.

1 Absalom-Jones-150x150One of the tools they will be learning how to use is Prezi, a wonderful presentation environment that is very visually interesting. We’ll start by looking at some Prezi documents that other students have created, then we will begin to explore how to make a prezi of our own. I have embedded a very simple (and incomplete) Prezi that I started working on this weekend as a show and tell piece for students.

I love how students can take the tools that I introduce them to, learn how to navigate through and with them, and create something that shows their learning and personal style. Prezi is a great tool for showcasing the great things these students are doing everyday.