1 Dance-3-400x278This month, we’ve been studying early American history by looking at the founding and development of the 13 British colonies which became our first states. Students are working small groups to explore and document their learning with projects eventually uploaded to our First 13 wiki.

As part of the discovery process, we’ve been listening to Colonial-era music and learning some dances. It has been fun to see the students squirm at the idea of having to dance with a member of the other gender, but they are proceeding with courage and good nature. 2 Dance-1

We’ve definitely been very fortunate to have Mrs. Ferris, our student teacher, guiding the learning or the dances. Mrs. Ferris has been a dance teacher for quite some time and brings that expertise into the DreamExtreme classroom. I enjoy colonial dancing quite a lot, but I’m not overly confident in trying to teach others how to do it. Mrs. Ferris has made the experience so much more wonderful.

I video recorded a couple of the groups as they danced during PE today. They complained a little when I told them I’d be uploading the footage to YouTube, but they overcame their hesitation after we watched the clip in class.

3 Dance-2-400x260We’ll spend one more week looking at Colonial history and trying out some other Colonial-era dances. As I’ve reminded my students, if it was good enough for George Washington, it is certainly well-suited for DreamExtreme students!