1 Thank-You-Mrs-Ferris-screenshot-400x206This quarter, we have been very blessed to have Mrs. Ferris join our classroom as a student teacher. She has been able to get to know the students and help develop a wonderful sense of community. As part of her teaching practicum, Mrs. Ferris planned and delivered many lessons in all of the different content areas.

She also created a unit on the United States government. It has been great to hear the students brainstorm, write and debate classroom rules based around our school-wide PBiS rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. By going through the process of developing laws of their own, they’ve been able to see the challenges that actual lawmakers run into.

This past week, as Mrs. Ferris was finishing her teaching practicum, I worked with students to put together a short video “Thank You Card” for her. It was nice to see the different ways that Mrs. Ferris has been able to connect with each student. Take a few moments to watch the video:

2 Screen-shot-2011-03-05-at-2.18.33-PM-400x338Another unit we’ve been wrapping up this quarter is our study if the thirteen original British colonies. Students divided into groups of three to four people and selected one colony to investigate. Each group had to locate at least two primary source documents that were connected with the founding and history of their selected colony. The groups also had to research to find answers to a list of questions about their colony such as the details of the founding, important events and individuals from the colony, and they had to examine the colony’s SPEC: Society, Politics, Economy, and Culture.

Each student created an independent project and then worked with his or her partners to create a group project for each colony. Take a look at what they learned at our First 13 project wiki.

Our next major project will be looking at the causes and events of the American Revolution and the revolutionary era men and women who helped shape our country.