This week, somewhat unexpectedly, students in the DreamExtreme classroom began making music. Not only music, but also making music makers. In the spirit of innovation, boys and girls began repurposing objects to fashion instruments and create spontaneousness songs. 2 IMG_4666-400x300

Yesterday, when the gymnasium was unavailable during PE, I gave students some time to explore and create musically. As I saw their enthusiasm, I decided to open up a box of instruments that we recently received as part of a Donors Choose grant.

3 IMG_4665-400x300The students were ecstatic to grab hold of drums, shakers, claves, maracas, and cymbals. We grouped them according to makeshift families: drums (skins), wood, metal, and invented. Each group worked for a period of time to explore and co-create something they could share with the rest of the class. At the end of the time, the groups performed to the enthusiastic response of their classmates.

Today, we looked at a couple of videos that feature invented instruments. The first features a performance by a YouTube artist named SnubbyJ. His medley of songs on the PVC marimba ran the spectrum from classical to Lady Gaga and was very impressive: SnubbyJ’s PVC Marimba

We also watched a few minutes of the Blue Man Group performing with the DrumBone, a large-scale percussion instrument which uses sliding pipes: Blue Man Group

Another video resource, which we didn’t have a chance to explore, looks like it could give students even more ideas for building musical instruments from items they can find around the house:

Making Box Guitars with Shoe Boxes & Rubber Bands —powered by