Today, I get to be a student and a teacher in a different venue: The Southern Oregon Education Technology Summit. We’re on the campus of Southern Oregon University in Ashland, gathered to discuss and explore meaningful ways to use technology with students. wpid-1303487418632It is invigorating to be in the middle of a group of people who are excited about technology and learning. It is inspiring to see examples of what other teachers and schools and students are doing…how they’re creating and innovating. It is also good to spotlight some of the things we’re doing in the DreamExtreme classroom and connect to new ideas and possibilities.

I am, in all honesty, rather intimidated. This is the first time I’ve presented at a conference. All of my “teaching” has been in the classroom or for other educators in my school or school district. This is my debut in a wider arena, and I’m not sure how things will go. Kevin Ricketts, a great teacher from Klamath Falls, reminded me to focus on what I’m excited about. I think it is great advice, and I’m making it my plan for the session I’ll be presenting this morning.

When I, as a teacher, get to step into a new situation it helps me to identify with the students in my classroom. Every time they’re given a new assignment or project or task it’s a new chance to learn, but it’s also a new chance to feel overwhelmed. It’s a chance to have to figure out what is expected, what the guidelines are, and how it all fits in with who we are as individual learners.

Today, I get to be a student. Today, I get to share with other learners. Today, I get to connect and explore and construct understanding and meaning. I guess it’s just a regular school day after all.