1 KidBLog-400x295We recently began a collaborative poetry unit based on Sharon Creech’s wonderful book, Love That Dog. We’re partnering with Mrs. Parisi’s Denton Dynamos class from Long Island, New York to read, explore, and write poetry connected with the selections from Creech’s book.

Using Love That Dog as a jumping-off point for a discussion about poetry has been wonderful. It makes the topic less intimidating and more relatable by looking at it through the eyes of Jack, the book’s main character. Jack starts the story not particularly liking poetry and feeling rather sure that he can’t write it even if he wanted because poetry is for girls. Jack’s opinion helps us tackle the elephant in the room and get student worries about being able to write poems of their own out in the open.

We spent part of last week creating blog posts of the poems that we’ve written during this project. It is exciting to see the poetry that our class has written and edited and shared. Some are based, very clearly, on the poems referenced in Love That Dog, and others are completely original. I invite you to take some time and read through the poem blog posts. A couple of great places to start are Rhys’ poem about losing his dog, Bogey, and Morgan’s poem about a husky.

Please feel free to leave your comments on the student blog posts.