On Friday, June 10, 2011, the DreamExtreme classroom got packed up. Desks were washed with shaving cream (FUN!) and stacked, chairs were wiped off and stacked, books were organized and stacked on the shelves, cubbies

were emptied, and yearbooks were signed.

Also, lots of hugs were given, lots of tears were cried, lots of “I’ll miss you”s were uttered, and lots of sad smiles were visible.

This has been a challenging school year for many reasons. On the business side of things, we had tremendous budget issues to deal with and new teacher contracts to debate and stress about  and – finally, this week – vote on. On the teaching and assessment side of things, we had new curriculum to implement, new state assessment cut scores to measure progress against, and new scheduling challenges to maneuver.


In addition to that, we had 34 unique personalities with individual goals and strengths and obstacles and issues that had to, somehow, find a relatively peaceful way to work together and become a community that worked together, learned together, and succeeded together. Somehow, but not without some bumps and hiccups along the way, we made it. With every Morning Meeting and project and challenge we navigated the complex waters of collaboration and made it through to an end product that left us all glad we’d been on the journey.

We Extreme Dreamed together, and we survived. We MORE  than survived.

We learned.