I had the opportunity to visit Crater Lake this week, checking out the snow conditions in advance of our class field trip. The good news is that the park is beautiful and we should have a wonderful time. The not-so-great news is that the snow level is surprisingly low compared to springtime averages. There is still plenty for snowshoeing, but not nearly what I was hoping to see. Less snow now may mean less water for recreation and agriculture this summer…


The weather for our visit should be perfect. A light jacket, boots, and sunscreen should be taken, but we won’t need to bundle up like originally expected. You should consider, also, bringing extra socks, a dry pair of pants, and – if you have them – a second pair of shoes to change into in case you get wet snowshoeing.


Remember, we leave at 7:30 Wednesday morning, so be sure to arrive at school no later than 7:15. We have some wonderful activities planned, and the lake itself will be gorgeous.