Today, we’re preparing for our poetry slam.

For the past few weeks, our students have been working with Mrs. Nealy, our amazing student teacher, to learn about, explore, create, and share poems. Now, they are selecting one of the poems they’ve written and presenting it to their friends and family in a special event this afternoon.

It has been exciting to see individual students connect with poetry…with written expression…with getting their thoughts and emotions onto the page in a compelling form. Some have really struggled and others have found a voice. Honestly, some of the students have really surprised and inspired me with the powerful voices they’ve discovered.

One of the things I tell my students (which they are probably sick of hearing) is that you’re never done with your writing. You can always refine…always edit…always improve…always capture your ideas more powerfully. The brevity and immediacy of poetry is a beautiful canvas on which for students to work through that process of refining.

Every word counts…every idea matters.

I’m looking forward to today’s slam. It is an opportunity for students to shine and voices to be heard.

NOTE: Students are posting their poetry on their blogs. Read them by clicking on this awesome link!