This morning, artists came to our classroom.

They entered in an unassuming fashion…no berets or goatees…no smocks or large palettes…just a couple of crates of pencils, sharpeners, erasers, and paper and a whole lot of patience and expertise.

For the third year in a row, our school is partnering with Rogue Gallery and Art Center to give 5th grade students the opportunity to work with professional artists. It has been wonderful to see young people who may not even realize they love art or have skill explore different media and styles, gaining confidence and experience along the way.

IMAG1358IMAG1357Today, Miss Amy and Miss Anna took us outside to look with our eyes and represent with our hands and pencils. We looked at the landscape behind our school – the hill called RoxyAnn in the background, the trees in the midground, and the field and fence in the foreground – and tried to capture it on paper.

“I liked doing art outside because we got fresh air,” reported Tyler.

Jakobe agreed, “I had a lot of fun. I liked how good the artists were. I learned about adding details to my drawing.”

The artists will return next month and two times in the spring to work in our classroom. Additionally, our class will board a bus and travel downtown to work in the Rogue Gallery studio. In April, the kids’ artwork will be on display in the gallery for the public to enjoy.


This is the view our students worked to capture this morning.


A student translates the real world onto the flat plane of art.