Hour of CodeAs 2014 drew to a close, an interesting thing began to happen in the DreamExtreme classroom: my 3rd grade students began to think and talk like computer programmers.

As part of the Hour of Code program, I set my class up at Code.org and directed the students to begin working through the training modules. The scaffolding in the program is wonderful, and every kid in my class was able to navigate the process and enjoy it at the same time. In fact, they couldn’t wait to get back to learning how to code anytime they finished some other task or assignment. Another site that we’ll be checking out soon is Run Marco.

It is incredibly exciting to find ways for my students to explore, be creating, express themselves and build meaningful skills. Now, I’m not naive enough to think that these young people are ready to run out and create the next killer app or blockbuster website…but I fully believe that they are making small steps forward and building a foundation for such things. I’m looking forward to seeing where these small steps may lead.