Blog screen captureI love how small the world can become when we connect with others through technology. Through the years, blogging has been one of the most immediate ways my students have been able to communicate with other learners from around the world. It’s incredibly gratifying when a young person in my classroom writes a post and gets comments from people he or she has never met.

This past week, one of my kids wrote a blog post about two books that she has been reading. I loved the enthusiasm and insights that she shared, and I thought it deserved a wider audience. I shared a link to her post via Twitter, using the #comments4kids hashtag.

Tweet-10-30-15.pngAlmost immediately, we began to see comments from teachers and students across the country. The excitement that response generated for my young writer and her classmates was amazing. It reinvigorated the entire process of blogging for our class. They realize that not all of their posts will get such a response, but it inspired them to strive for it.

Blogging, for me, is valuable because it is authentic. It is a direct path of communication with the world at large. Knowing that a simple piece of writing from a little school in Southern Oregon can be seen and enjoyed and responded to by people on the other side of the continent makes it seem more important and worthwhile. Any time my students see the things we do at school as being important and worthwhile is a time when success is being realized.