This month, our class of third graders started to Mystery Skype with other classes from unknown parts of the world. I’ve written about Mystery Skyping before, but it is very exciting to introduce a new group of students to this exciting game.

Like so much that we’ve done this school year, I entered into the experience unsure of what my 3rd graders could do. In the past, my Skype adventures have been with a class of 5th graders and those two years of age and development can make a big difference. For the most part, these 8 and 9 year olds have done very well. They are total troopers and work really well together.

Not every game has gone well. Utah, for example, kinda creamed us. There is a lot to be learned in both winning and losing, though. Tomorrow, we get another chance to explore the world. We will be connecting with a group of educators during a conference they are attending. We get to be young ambassadors, teaching adults how Mystery Skype works. It’s a pretty exciting opportunity. The students will become the educators.