3rd Graders in Mr. Cosand’s class are expected to complete the following homework assignments each week:

Students are expected to read 4 nights a week for at least 20 minutes per night.
This should be recorded in students’ nightly reading log. If students read more than 20 minutes in one night, they can apply those extra minutes to a different night.
Reading logs should be returned to class each Monday. They constitute a part of the reading effort and work completion score.

Click to view and print reading logs: Nightly Reading Log 2014-2015

Most weeks, students will be given at least one Home Connection packet to support the math learning we do in class. Home Connections may include additional practice, activities to be done with friends or family members, and review for unit assessments.
Home Connections are due the next school day.

Students are required to write and publish at least one blog post every two weeks on our classroom Kidblog site. Sometimes this will be an assigned topic, but much of the time it can be the student’s choice.
Writing should represent students’ best efforts and reflect the Kennedy school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible.
All blog posts must be approved by Mr. Cosand before they are visible to other students and readers.

Weekly Schedule:
Click here to view or download
a PDF file of our weekly class schedule.